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High School Graduation Requirements 

Minimum Graduation Requirements: 28 Credits

Saint Bernard courses are structured to develop disciplined habits, to stimulate critical thinking and to develop the skills necessary for the expression of that thinking. A three‐track system (AP, Honors, and Standard) is used. All disciplines, except for Student Leadership and Physical Education, employ numerical grades. Academically qualified students are encouraged to take advantage of advanced coursework, including Early College Experience courses offered through the New London Scholars Program at Connecticut College, AP courses, and courses offered through the Marist College Partnership.


Classes of 2025, 2026

Subject Credits
Theology 4
English 4
Math 4
Social Studies 3
Science 3
World Language 2
Visual/Performing Arts 1
Physical Education 1
Health .5
Elective Offerings 5.5  


* Class of 2027 and all subsequent classes are required to take Personal Finance.

All credit requirements shown above will remain the same for the Class of 2027 and beyond, with the following exceptions: 

Financial Literacy: .5 credit
Elective Offerings: 5 Credits

Saint Bernard School By the Numbers


% Graduation Rate for Class of 2023


National Merit Commended Students in the Class of 2023


Number of AP, Honor and Distinction Scholars for Class of 2023


AP Classes offered