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Five Steps To Admissions Success

  1. Complete and submit our Inquiry Form
  2. Attend one of the following SBS events:

3. Complete And Submit Our Online Application Form With All Supporting Documents:

  • Current School Transcripts. Please complete the Transcript Release Form and send a copy to your child's current school and the SBS Admissions Office.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation: From current English and math teachers, and school counselor or principal. 
  • Personal Statement/Essay: Please follow the prompts on the application form

4. All Prospective Students (Grades 6-12) must register for the SBS placement test. 

5. Complete the FACTS Financial Aid Application.


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Placement Testing

Saint Bernard applicants come from a variety of academic backgrounds: home school, public school, private school, and parochial school. Entering students can have very different skill levels and abilities. Therefore, Saint Bernard School uses placement tests to assess an applicant's strengths and/or weaknesses in math and English. This enables us to place students in classes at the right level.

Students applying to grades 6 through 9 are required to take the Saint Bernard placement test. Contact Admissions for any middle school students and rising ninth-graders to take the placement test.  

Select students identified through the results of their initial placement testing and/or transcript records will be contacted in late spring to take a supplemental placement test. These tests are intended as part of the information to be used by the School Counseling Office for placing students into the most appropriate course sequence in foreign language or mathematics.