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Student class retreats are held for each grade level every year. Under the direction of the Campus Minister, retreats are developed and led by our students. These retreats are structured to build on faith and fellowship, along with our Xaverian values.

6th & 7th Grade Retreat
Sixth- and seventh-grade students participate in a mini retreat in the fall. Small and large group activities are led by our senior leaders.  

8th Grade Retreat

Eighth-grade students participate in a one-day retreat in the spring, led by our senior leaders, offering a time of reflection before they transition into high school.

Freshman Retreat

Ninth-grade students participate in a full day retreat in the fall led by our senior leaders. Freshman year is filled with transitions: for some a new school, for all, an adjustment to new teachers, classes, and friends. The Freshman Retreat is an opportunity to build community and learn about the Xaverian values that serve as our school's 

Sophomore Retreat

10th-grade students participate in a one day retreat off site in the spring led by the XBSS leaders centered on the Xaverian values.

XBSS Junior Retreat

11th-grade students have a special opportunity to participate in an XBSS Leadership Retreat. As a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, we participate in this five-day retreat each year in March which provides our students an opportunity to develop and share their faith in leadership roles.

The XBSS Junior Retreat is held annually in March at the Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Harford, Conn. The Xaverian Brother's Fundamental Principles of Humilty, Simplicity, Compassion, Trust and Zeal are used to guide each day.  Student leaders from Saint Bernard gather with leaders from each of the other 13 Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools.

Senior Leadership Institute Retreat

Students are invited to participate in a Senior Leadership Institute (SLI) Retreat in the summer prior to their senior year. This three-day/two-night retreat is an exciting opportunity to participate in team building and leadership skill activities, grow in faith, and get prepared to bring their skills and talents back to our Saint Bernard community throughout their senior year.  Students grow in knowledge of themselves, confidence, and their relationship with God during this meaningful retreat experience.