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"Through compassion, and in imitation of Theodore James Ryken, we serve others to manifest God's care and compassionate love to those who are separated and estranged not only from their neighbors, but also from their own uniqueness; to those who suffer from want, neglect, and injustice."

(Fundamental Principles of the Xaverian Brothers)

The sharing of our time, talents, resources, concern and care for others is an important part of our curriculum at Saint Bernard School. We believe that, in addition to academics, putting faith into action is essential in building good character, thus instilling the qualities of strong citizenship.

Service Hours

Middle school students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are expected to complete 5 hours of service each school year. These hours can be accumulated as early as the summer before the student enters a grade level and throughout the school year, with completion by April 30.

High school students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 are expected to complete a cumulative total of 50 hours of community service. These hours can be done at any time throughout the high school career, beginning as early as the summer before 9th grade with completion expected by April 30th of the graduation year.

Service Hours for High School Transfer Students

Students entering Saint Bernard School in grade 10 are expected to complete 35 hours of community service, students entering in grade 11 are expected to complete 25 hours, and students entering in grade 12 are expected to complete 10 hours.  

Some Important Details

Community service hours must be done on a volunteer basis. Hours can not be earned from helping with family responsibilities or at a for-profit business. Students must hand in a signed Community Service Form to be credited for their hours. To maintain timely and complete records, students are strongly encouraged to submit Community Service Forms promptly after completing the service.

Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Suzanne Haulotte in Campus Ministry at


Saint Bernard School encourages students to seek out opportunities to serve in our school, their churches and their communities. Often times we find that students are engaged in community service before they even enter Saint Bernard School and many do an abundance of hours beyond what is required. Here are some ways we as a school provide outreach to those in need.

Students Helping Students: Each Friday morning during the school year pocket change is collected to feed the students of St. Pierre School in Jeremie, Haiti. The school is fully supported by the Haitian Health Foundation of Norwich. For $115 per year, a student is provided with a nutritious daily meal made with rice, wheat, beans, and oil. This is typically their only meal of the day.

St. Vincent de Paul Place: Saint Bernard has a great relationship with our local soup kitchen. Our students regularly spearhead collections of needed supplies such as food and hygiene items.

Paid Dress Down Days: These are a favorite! Students are glad to have a break from uniforms to support a worthy cause.  Students often initiate these to support an organization they feel passionate about.  

United Way: Students participate in children's reading events sponsored by United Way by reading in classrooms and making posters to distribute to area schools to get their students excited about the reading days.