Senior Art Exhibit Opens


Senior Art Exhibit Opens


The Senior Art Exhibit “Embracing Frustration” showcases works created by 11 talented Saint Bernard seniors.

Featured seniors Michael Wyeth Bonser, Hope D'Amico, Rebecca Grabon, Nicole Lawton, Payton McCauley, Emily Nelson, Stephanie Ruggiero, Terrence Tang and Rachel Yackovetsky all completed the art department’s sequential classical curriculum, several of them having studied from sixth grade to 12th grade.

Additionally, Edberney Edmond has studied three years in the sequential program, and Kaila Sprecace has studied advanced work in pottery and 3-dimensional studio.

Their stories of how they became artists are as different as their artwork itself.

Rebecca has been surrounded by art her whole life, with many artistic family members. “To me, art is a way to escape the craziness of life and see instead its beauty in a single moment.”

Stephanie recalls visualizing stories she read in elementary school and rushing home to draw or paint those depictions.  “I can look back on each piece of mine and remember the thoughts going through my head during the process of creation.”

It wasn’t until high school that Emily began gravitating toward art. “I found myself, slowly but surely, falling in love with art. For all of the stress that amounted because of my academic classes, art was always there as an outlet, a mental break from rules and logic.”

Michael says he used to be very closeminded about art, but modern artists helped change his perception. “One of my favorite parts about painting is how much it stimulates my thought.”

When Terrence first came to SBS, he thought art was “tedious and boring” and tried to just complete his assignments. But Mrs. Kainz discovered his artistic talents and he kept going because of her encouragement. “Art is no longer a tool for me to respond to the teacher’s expectations, but a way of decompression when I am upset and noisy,” Terrence says.

Statements by all of the featured artists can be viewed at the exhibit, along with their artwork.

IF YOU GO: The show is open to the public and can be viewed through March 29, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the school’s David B. Belval Art Gallery.