Note: Each month, one middle school student and one high school student are selected by the

faculty for demonstrating the Xaverian values of humility, trust, compassion, simplicity and zeal.

    Two students have been recognized as April Students of the Month at Saint

Bernard School: Tucker Freeman, 8 th grade, and Christina Lawton, 12 th grade.

    “They live the Xaverian values in the ordinary, unspectacular flow of everyday

life,” according to Campus Minister Holly Cyr.

The honorees:

    Tucker, 13, of Preston, is described by faculty as friendly, outgoing and always

smiling. In class, he encourages fellow students to be quiet and pay attention in a

very respectful and professional manner. He always tries his best and focuses on

the positive.

    Tucker, a second year student at SBS, says the school is a “better learning

environment” for his education.

    Tucker participates in school band and received the Mission Award last year as a

7 th grader for embodying the spirit of Saint Bernard School. Outside of school, he

plays baseball, takes karate and volunteers to serve food at St. Vincent de Paul

Place in Norwich.

    “A lot of people who go there are less fortunate and it feels good to be able to lift

people’s spirits,” he says.

    Christina, 18, of Groton, is also a dedicated volunteer. She has been an altar

server at her church, Sacred Heart in Groton, since she was in 4 th grade and works

weekdays with Sacred Heart School’s afterschool daycare program.

    At SBS, Christina displays school spirit and is described by her teachers as a warm,

friendly, open person. She serves on Student Council, is president of Praise Choir,

plays soccer, basketball and tennis, and is a member of the Tri-M Music Honor


    Christina says the Saints school community is welcoming and has given her a high

school experience she will never forget. “It’s like a family,” she says.