5 Steps To Academic Success

1. Set SMART Goals and Plan for Short and Long Term Goals

Plan for your future!  Your goals should be SMART






●Goals should be as SPECIFIC as possible and answer the questions: What is your goal? How often or how much? Where will it take place?

●Goals should be MEASURABLE and answers the question: How will you measure your goal? Measurement will give you specific feedback and hold you more accountable to accomplishing your goals.

●Goals should be ATTAINABLE:  Your goals should push you but are still achievable.

●Goals should be REALISTIC: Are your goals, and time to accomplish them in, realistic?

●Goals should be TIMELY:  Do you have a timeframe for you SMART goal? This helps you be more accountable and helps you be more motivated in achieving your goal.

2. Understand and Use Resources

In addition to the teaching faculty, Saint Bernard School provides a wealth of resources. Students are expected and encouraged to take advantage of the people and services available at SBS.

Head of School:                                                    Mr. Donald Macrino
Assistant Head of School:                                     Mr. Ted Kenyon
School Counseling:                                          Mrs. Holly Cyr, LCSW, Director of School Counseling and Ms. Erica Massad, School Counselor
Virtual High School Site Coordinator:              Ms. Eric Massad
Campus Minister:                                             Mrs. Suzanne Haulotte
School Nurse:                                                  Mrs. Jackie Hernandez RN


3. Make Good Choices

We all have choices to make. Think about the positive and negative outcomes of your choices, make sure you have good information and make wise decisions. Saint Bernard School and the Community has much to offer and making choices that engage you in positive experiences will help you to do your very best.

4. Earn Good Grades and Understand Your Transcript

There are some simple steps to getting good grades.

●Make a commitment to good attendance. Be in school and on time every day!

●Be organized.

●Use good time management.

●Be an active listener and class participant.

●Understand and adapt to different teaching styles.

Your high school transcript begins in your Freshman year.  Everything “counts”!  Your courses, grades, and credits will be recorded on your transcript and final grades will build your GPA (Grade Point Average). Saint Bernard School does not rank students.

5. Understand and Develop Effective Communication Skills

●Speak clearly.

●Maintain eye contact at a comfortable level.

●Be alert to verbal cues and body language.

●Give examples to support what you are saying.

●Take turns speaking.

●Listen to what the other person has to say and respond appropriately.

●Listen to UNDERSTAND, not just to HEAR.

●Give feedback when it is asked for.  Ask for feedback, too.

●Give your opinion, if it is asked for.

●Listen for requests.