Counseling Policies

  • Course Selection

Eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students select courses in February for the upcoming school year. Honors level and AP classes are recommended by subject area teachers and indicated by signature on the Course Selection Sheet.

  • Online Courses/VHS/Accredited College Courses

Students who are unable to fill their course requirements or planned electives with a seated class at SBS are invited to discuss other course options with a school counselor. Selected students are invited to explore outside courses on an as­needed basis. Payment for an outside class will be at the expense of the student.

  • Add/Drop

Students are required to maintain a minimum of 7 credits in Grades 9­-12. The Add/Drop period is open during the first two weeks of school and honored when there is room available and with consideration of fulfillment of required courses.

  • Supervised Study Halls

All students are expected to maintain a minimum of a C average in all classes. A junior or senior who falls below a C in any class, during any term, is required to be placed in a supervised study hall with the intention of focus and support in the academic area of need.