January 2021 Student of the Month


January Students of the Month


Congratulations to the January Students of the Month at Saint Bernard School: Amyre Gray, an eighth-grader, and senior Emilia Janes.

Students are nominated for this honor by their teachers for exhibiting the Xaverian values of humility, trust, compassion, simplicity and zeal.

The honorees

Amyre, 14, of New London, participates in a basketball league in Rhode Island. At school teachers say he is kind, hardworking, determined, and respectful. He is described as a leader among his peers and a “positive presence in the classroom.”

Upon entering the classroom, Amyre routinely says “hello” to the teacher and "thank you" before leaving.  

Emilia, 19, of Westerly, is a member of the school praise choir and concert choir. She enjoys drawing, singing and dancing.

Although Emilia is a distance learner this year, her teachers say she is academically engaged and enthusiastic, and participates with her classmates as though she were in the room. They describe her as humble and compassionate towards other students. Teachers say Emilia is a leader and “positive contributor to her class community”.